Yet Another Wingecarribee Trip.

Not many rivers are flowing at the moment but the Wingecarribee River is still flowing strong thanks to the water being pumped from the Shoalhaven. Raj, Derek, Mick, Ami and myself managed to catch it at 1.20m on Friday and had a great day on the river. Below are some photos, the poor quality ones are stills from video footage. Photos by Derek, Mick, Raj and myself.

070824_winge_02.JPG 070824_winge_03.JPG 070824_winge_04.JPG 070824_winge_05.JPG
070824_winge_06.JPG 070824_winge_07.JPG 070824_winge_08.JPG 070824_winge_09.JPG
070824_winge_10.JPG 070824_winge_11.JPG 070824_winge_12.JPG 070824_winge_13.JPG
070824_winge_14.JPG 070824_winge_15.JPG 070824_winge_16.JPG 070824_winge_17.JPG
070824_winge_18.JPG 070824_winge_19.JPG 070824_winge_20.JPG 070824_winge_21.JPG
070824_winge_22.JPG 070824_winge_23.JPG

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