Upper Snowy

Derek, Simon (Albury), Dale and myself did the section from Charlotte’s Pass down to Guthega Pondage on Sunday, water was a little low at 0.9m on the gauge just above the Pondage but it was still a great day out. Below are the pictures:

uppersnowy_01.jpg uppersnowy_02.jpg uppersnowy_03.jpg uppersnowy_04.jpg
uppersnowy_08.jpg uppersnowy_09.jpg uppersnowy_11.jpg uppersnowy_12.jpg
uppersnowy_13.jpg uppersnowy_14.jpg uppersnowy_16.jpg uppersnowy_17.jpg
uppersnowy_18.jpg uppersnowy_19.jpg uppersnowy_22.jpg uppersnowy_23.jpg

I will put a description up in the guide along with the Munyang – Island Bend and Finn Creek soon.

Edit: Derek took some photos too…

pa140011.JPG pa140012.JPG pa140013.JPG

pa140014.JPG pa140015.JPG pa140016.JPG

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