The Wingecarribee

Over the past month I have desperately been trying to organise a trip down the Wingecarribee, but it seemed impossible to find a day when ~4 people were available, on Saturday however it finally happened.

We met at 4:45am, sorted out the boats and were away by 5am. We got to the take out, River Island Retreat, at about 7:15, organised the shuttle and were on the water at 9am. The first 5km was relatively easy, mostly Class II rapids, the only slight trouble was one of them had a rope tied across at water level, so watch out for it. The river became more and more gorgey until suddenly we were at the first drop, about 2m with a small eddy above. We scouted it on the left, and it looked fine so every one ran it. The river continued with rapid after rapid, whenever you thought that would be the last decent rapid, there was another.

We reached the take out at about 4:30pm, every one amazed by the quality of the river. Unfortunately no body had a camera, but fortunately a few days before Mick from Wetspot sent me an email with a few photos attached.

Mick wrote:

Wingecarribee Creek-Joadga Creek to River Is Retreat
A few photos of our run on the Wingecarribee… Gorgeous River. Probably not for faint hearted. It has a constant gradient 10m per km and and some sections 80m per km.

Really long day, mostly boat scouting. If you need info go to:

p4250038_s.jpg p4250044_s.jpg p4250045_s.jpg p4250046_s.jpg


All photos by Mick Giltrap.

There are also two videos on YouTube from Ben at WaveMonkey.

I will get an entry up in the River Guide in the next few days, and hopefully paddle it again some time soon, with a camera.

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