The Snowy River

Nick and myself headed up to Jindabyne to paddle the snowy river on Wednesday and ended up staying the rest of the week, we managed to get three runs in. One run on the second half (easier section) of Munyang to Island Bend accompanying Darlo and co in the raft on Wednesday and then Mick and John came up and joined us on the Thursday for a trip down the full section. We ended up staying on Thursday night for the Pub to Pub ski race celebrations (see photos) and couldn’t resist paddling it again on Friday. Cold water but an awesome river, crystal clear, steep and continuous.

imgp0169.JPG imgp0170.JPG imgp0175.JPG imgp0178.JPG
imgp0184.JPG imgp0187.JPG imgp0188.JPG imgp0189.JPG
imgp0190.JPG imgp0192.JPG imgp0193.JPG imgp0198.JPG
imgp0251.JPG imgp0199.JPG imgp0209.JPG imgp0240.JPG

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