The Lea

The Lea Race is held in October each year on the Lea near cradle mountain, an awesome III/IV creek. The run is made up of 3-4 decent sized drops all of which are amazingly clean. Nick and I ran the river several times leading up to the where I took some picys.

First drop on the Lea.  This was two days before the race at a medium level.imgp0085.jpgimgp0086.jpgimgp0087.jpgimgp0088.jpgNick on the first drop.imgp0090.jpgimgp0091.jpgimgp0092.jpgimgp0093.jpgNick showing how not to boof.  Boofed the top right of picture and his paddle got a little stuck.imgp0096.jpgBryceimgp0102.jpgimgp0103.jpgGot distracted from the paddling in this town.  Fucking oath it was paradise.Lachie on the first drop on the friday, river level dropping.imgp0110.jpgimgp0111.jpgimgp0112.jpgimgp0113.jpgEmma on the top drop. Her first run down.imgp0116.jpgimgp0117.jpgimgp0118.jpgNick.imgp0120.jpgimgp0121.jpgimgp0122.jpgimgp0123.jpgNick nails the boof this time.imgp0125.jpgimgp0126.jpgimgp0127.jpgimgp0128.jpgimgp0129.jpgLots of boats down the river....... and up the river.

We ended up 12th out of 25 teams. A race run down the course takes roughly 12 minutes. A great weekend, highly recommended.

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