So we have some time to kill today due to a small boat issue so I thought i would write.  We are currently on the West Coast of the South Island in a town called Hokitika, we have had alot of rain over the last 1.5 weeks and today is the first time we have seen the sun in a while.

 We arrived in Christchurch Monday two weeks ago, with no obvious way of getting our boats away from the airport we hired a car with roofracks (which all companies seem to be able to provide due to the number of skiiers that come over) and drove into town, with in a couple of hours we had bought a little green van.  A little stuffing around in Christchurch getting some roof racks sorted for it and we were off towards Murchison, about 3 hours away.

imgp0613.JPG imgp0614.JPG

Just out of Murchsion we checked out Maruia falls, I wasn’t keen to run it straight of the bat but Nick was, so off he went, after he ran it twice I was up.  The water hits you pretty hard and I was left a little sore but I hope to do it again and get a photo of me (Nick wasn’t so great with the timing).

imgp0615.JPG imgp0616.JPG

Once in Murchison we did quite a few runs, mostly on the Buller River, which is a big volume river that is runnable pretty much year round.  The sections we did are the Granity Creek Run, O’Sulivans and the Earthquake section.  The Earthquake section has an amazing wave train on one of the rapids and a sweet surf wave at the take out, the wave is 5 minutes walk from the main road so you can easily park and play there, which we did quite a few times.  A playboat is definatly the boat of choice for the Murchison area.

imgp0617.JPG imgp0618.JPG imgp0619.JPG imgp0620.JPG imgp0621.JPG

Now we are on the west coast the rivers are much more technical, some still large volume, but a creek boat certainly the choice here.  Photos from around this area another time.



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