Mitta Mitta River Video and Photos

Back in late 2006 we made a trip down to the Mitta Mitta River in Victoria. It is controlled by dam release at Dartmouth dam and although the dam was quite low they emptied it right out flowing at 8-10 thousand mega-litres a day over most of the summer. The trip consists of an awesome river wide (25m?) play wave just after the put in below Dartmouth, as well as one good Grade III rapid named Sharkstooth. The photos are below:

Click below to see the photos.

dscf4480-large.JPG dscf4484-large.JPG dscf4483-large.JPG dscf4488-large.JPG
dscf4487-large.JPG dscf4489-large.JPG dscf4502-large.JPG dscf4501-large.JPG
dscf4506-large.JPG dscf4503-large.JPG dscf4507-large.JPG dscf4509-large.JPG
dscf4508-large.JPG dscf4510-large.JPG

And of course the video:

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