Leven Canyon

Word was out that on the Sunday after the race a few groups were going to head out and do the Leven canyon. After waking up a little late on Sunday morning we rushed off to try and catch a group to paddle with. No signs of cars at the put in we thought we had missed our opportunity. After a trip down to the river and to the lookout we had given up hope of running it this year when screaming around the corner came the mighty Mitsubishi Magna containing the Peno clan, Sean and Lachie.  Shortly afterwards we were seal launching into a gorge. The river was amazing, really high class III/IV/IV+ drops for a few kms before the two big drops, a 20 foot and 40 foot. The first drop pummeled me after i came up on the wrong side of the boil and I wasn’t to keen to run the mandatory bigger drop, but in the end it worked out well. One of the best rivers I have done for sure. Anyone care to name a better river in Australia?

Colin looking for his boat.Liam into the pillow.Jonno dropping in.Lachie leaning the right way.Nick on the way in, higher line then the others.imgp0141.jpgimgp0142.jpgSequence of Nick on a drop.imgp0144.jpgimgp0145.jpgimgp0146.jpgimgp0147.jpgJonnoSeanstylingitimgp0152.jpgimgp0153.jpg

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