Kangaroo River In Flood

Recently the Kangaroo Valley had a large amount of rain in a short period of time and we decided to go have a look. The gauge at Hampden Bridge in the morning was reading at ~4 meters which is about 3 meters above the required height. After an hour it dropped 50cm so we decided to go up and hope it would drop a little more. We arrived to heavy rain which did not ease for the time we were there. We decided against running the Upper Kangaroo River section, however Nick jumped in and paddled the first set of rapids. If you look at the photos you can see that even in the short time we were there the water rose quite a way, that night the gauge was reading over 6 meters.

Click below to see the photos.

p2110003.JPG p2110007.JPG p2110008.JPG p2110009.JPG p2110011.JPG p2110013.JPG p2110014.JPG p2110015.JPG p2110016.JPG p2110017.JPG p2110020.JPG p2110021.JPG p2110023.JPG p2110025.JPG p2110026.JPG p2110027.JPG

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