Curtin Creek

Last week we were lucky enough to catch Curtin Creek (aka Yarralumla Creek on UBD maps) after the tunderstorm. Below are some pictures we took. We managed to get one good run in and tried for a second, however the creek had already dropped too far so we pulled out half way down to avoid a long bum scrape. See the (very) new river guide for details.  Click (more…) below to see the photos.

nick-curtin-weir.jpg water-dragon.jpg first-drop.jpg footbridge.jpg lets-go.jpg diesel-curtin-creek.jpg dragon.jpg euw.jpg curtin-creek-flooded.jpg curtin-playwave.jpg curtin-weir.jpg alex-bottom-of-weir.jpg alex-weir.jpg calling-shuttle.jpg alex-at-put-in.jpg

The next day it stormed again however the creek rose to high, here are some pictures of it in mega flood. They were taken from the cotter road bridge, one looking down the creek, the other looking up.

flood1fixed.jpg flood2fixed.jpg


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