Concrete Classic

Last weekend the Concrete Classic was held at Penrith Whitewater Stadium.  It was a fun filled two day event with a ball race, freestyle comp, some boater cross races, a deckless “gift” race and the pirate relay in 2 person inflatable rafts where you must finish in another teams raft.  A huge thank you to Ben and Elise from WaveMonkey for organising the event, cooking the BBQs and the great prizes.  Thank you also to Entropy Gear, CUMEC Magazine and Outdoors First for supporting the event.  Some photos of the action below:

Day 1:

aconcreteclassic_03.jpg aconcreteclassic_04.jpg aconcreteclassic_06.jpg aconcreteclassic_08.jpg

Day 2:

 concreteclassic_05.jpg concreteclassic_08.jpg concreteclassic_10.jpg concreteclassic_11.jpg
concreteclassic_17.jpg concreteclassic_18.jpg concreteclassic_20.jpg concreteclassic_24.jpg
concreteclassic_26.jpg concreteclassic_35.jpg concreteclassic_37.jpg concreteclassic_40.jpg
concreteclassic_41.jpg concreteclassic_44.jpg concreteclassic_45.jpg concreteclassic_48.jpg
concreteclassic_51.jpg concreteclassic_54.jpg concreteclassic_56.jpg concreteclassic_59.jpg
concreteclassic_62.jpg concreteclassic_64.jpg concreteclassic_66.jpg concreteclassic_69.jpg
concreteclassic_70.jpg concreteclassic_71.jpg concreteclassic_73.jpg concreteclassic_76.jpg

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