Welcome to KayakCanberra.com


I have started Kayak Canberra because I have found it very hard to find any information about kayaking / canoeing / paddling around Canberra. This site contains a daily updated page showing graphs of all the river heights here. River heights included are the Goodradigbee River at Wee Jasper, The Molonglo River at Coppins Crossing, Murrumbidgee River at Lobbs Hole, Murrumbidgee River at Mt MacDonald, Cotter River at the weir, and Queanbeyan River at Wickerslack.

The hope is one day it will have many people contributing their stories and experiences. If you would like to contribute a paddling story please note the river heights you paddled it at, the Bureau of Meteorology has daily updated river heights here. Please also take note of how to get to your “put in” and “take out” points, if you have google earth or a GPS latitude and longitude would be great.