Sunday Daze

Sunday the 30th Dec, Dale, myself and my lovely wife Cassie made the very early morning drive up to Penrith for the day. Fantastic weather, about 27c degrees.

It was fairly busy with all the rafts and quite a lot of boaters.

Dale and I worked on individual things for half of the day then had a nice picnic with Cassie up on the hill under the tin roof pergolas.
After lunch we were both pretty exhausted but were determined to get backon the courseand work together for the rest of the day. So we played follow the leader and for most of the game we both did well, by this time I was well worn outand and the last few times around Igot caught in a little hole and absolutely flogged every time.

penrith_2_029.jpg penrith_2_035.jpg penrith_2_036.jpg 

penrith_2_046.jpg penrith_2_052.jpg


Thanks to my wife for driving us home, as both Dale and I were completely stuffed.

Great weather, great day, great paddling.