Arahura River

One of the best rivers we did in New Zealand was the Arahura River, the guide describes it as “One of the most sought after and enjoyed runs in New Zealand. The Arahura rates as one of the great kayaking runs in the world.” It is another heli trip and is definitely worth doing if you get over there. It is a pretty solid IV-IV+ most of the way with a couple of V drops and rapids thrown in, all portageable. Below are some photos:

The sptics's “bee”.  Notice the dents in the roof from the dodgy roof racks.Myself, Canadian Mike and Dando, the chopper pilot.Nick and dave arrive.Mike early on in the trip.Andy on Curtain CallEnglish Jono on Curtain CallAndy about to hit dent fallsRich running dent fallsBrinky dentNick running dent.The portage, slight sieve on the right...This is the chicken line on cesspit.Alaskan Jon about to drop into the CesspitAlex with the boof into cesspitMmmmm, bootie beer.

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