Coveted Snowies Runs

The last week has been a good one for water in the formerly snowy mountains (its all melted now!). On Sunday there was a very moderate spill of Guthega Dam, allowing a run on the “Middle” Snowy, between the Dam and the Power Station. Normally this is completely dry, and occasionally floods big time, but to get it at the perfect level we did is quite rare. The run is a STONKER, mostly mega sustained grade 3-4 with 3 bigger rapids thrown in (probably 4+ to 5) and EVERYTHING is runnable.

After that extravaganza it rained again on tuesday, allowing me and Darlo onto the steep and bony Pipers Creek (from the Perisher Road to the Guthega Road) and then the coup de grace of the Munyang river at a high level. The munyang run is only about 1.5km, with a grade 4 boat scouting warm up before the steep middle section which consists of four big drops, the last three of which all link up at high water. Don’t swim in here!

After claiming the Middle Snowy as the best run in the mountains, I’m bumping the Munyang when its high into that category now (best I’ve done anyway).

snowies-boating-007.jpg snowies-boating-009.jpg snowies-boating-011.jpg snowies-boating-015.jpg snowies-boating-022.jpg snowies-boating-033.jpg snowies-boating-040.jpg snowies-boating-039.jpg snowies-boating-047.jpg snowies-boating-050.jpg snowies-boating-051.jpg


Got on the digbee again yesterday, it is great doing a river twice in a week, we smashed down in an hour.  Managed to get the camera out once on the paddle, Nick running the far side of the last drop.  We didn’t run this drop last time as it wasn’t scoutable however it looked clean as from the bottom, and it was.  Sweet little river, if only it ran a little more consistently.

imgp0400.jpgimgp0401.jpgimgp0402.jpgimgp0403.jpgGauge rock is in water between two logs on ground.Good gauge rock

Spring Boating

Got some paddling in on the weekend.  Did the Eucumbene on Saturday at 54 on the bridge gauge, great level and a great run.  We then followed it up with a run on the Goodradigbee at 1.19m, first time I have managed to get on the ‘digbee, great run!  We were moving pretty quick and boat scouted the majority of both rivers, so not many photos, but some of the Eucumbene below.